Experience of use Keto Diet

Karina from Portofino, who was able to lose weight using the Keto Diet, shared her experience with us. Losing weight changed the girl's life radically and now she's happy.

I decided to lose weight when I started looking for a man

Photo of Karina before and after using the Keto Diet

I've always wanted to see a decent man next to me. Such that he was kind, strong, smart, tall, had a prestigious job and a high income. Even at the department, I was aware of classmates with prospects, but the relationship with them did not develop.

I think my young age at the time as well as being overweight was to blame. Yes, I was always fat, 94 kg with a height of 178 centimeters made a bomb out of me. I was very overweight, at first I was ashamed of it, but then I stopped worrying about it.

I was seriously thinking about my appearance when I wanted to get married and I started looking for a suitable party for myself. I signed up on a dating site under someone else's photo of a slim blonde and started looking for candidates for my husband.

The guys got to know each other, wrote and sent virtual gifts. I decided to step out of the shadows and replaced the fake photo with my own. I chose a photo where I look much thinner than in life, but even my boyfriends from the dating site did not like it. Most of them resolved, but there was only one person with whom we continued to communicate. He met all my criteria, every day we communicated closer and closer, and one day he asked for a meeting. I understood that I needed to get in shape when he was abroad and I had a whole month left for this.

I immediately removed sweets from the diet and started looking for suitable means to lose weight. I knew about ketosis before, but it was a daunting task for me to switch to it. I read reviews on the Keto diet and decided to combine food without sweets with these pills.

Keto diet capsules and my new life

Keto Diet promised safe weight loss through ketosis, which I really needed, and I decided to order pills. I bought three packages at once so that was enough for a full course. I figured out how to use the product right away, I drank one capsule at a time with water.

Karina lost 12 kg using the Keto Diet

The result did not wait long. After five days of application, I noticed that my jeans are starting to slip and some of the sweaters are not neat to fold under the armpits. I was inspired by the result, continued to drink the Keto diet and added a little sport to my life. During the first ten days I lost 6 kg. It was almost two sizes of clothes, my figure improved markedly, but my stomach and ass remained prohibitively large.

I have incorporated a little sport into my life and my weight has dropped by another 3kg. In total, I lost 12 lbs in three weeks, and after a month and a half, I lost 16 pounds. I did not recognize myself in the mirror. I was so good that it seemed to me that it was not me.

When my new friend from the internet arrived, I was good. He paid me a lot of compliments and said that in life I am even better than in the picture. We started spending more and more time together, and six months later he suggested me and invited me to Portofino, where he had already moved completely.

We got married, my husband is exactly what I dreamed of. He says he is very happy that he has such a beautiful wife that he always wants only one and that he knew me all his life. He constantly gives me new clothes and we often go out to people.

I have become much more confident, it is an unforgettable feeling that I have never experienced while I was drunk. My weight is still at 78 kg. I do not want to lose weight anymore, I am absolutely happy. "